Release Notes for January, 2021

GT Backend

🎉 New

  • [Web Data] Redesigned web data input form with new tab specifically for SEO title and description.
  • [Reporting] Special QuickBooks Online export reports for importing sales data into QuickBooks.
  • [Reporting] New reports in GT Reporting including:
    • Sales by Licensed Producer
    • Purchases by Licensed Producer
    • Store Metrics by Day
    • Sales by Hour
      • Sales by Hour
      • Sales by Day of Week by Hour

🔧 Fix

  • [Reporting] Fixed issue with incorrect reporting of null values for multi-store variants of Sales by Store and Brand, Sales by Store and Category.
  • [Reporting] Fixed a formatting issue with PDF output for average/sum percentage columns.
  • [Reporting] Fixed an issue where Excel column widths were inconsistent.

🤓 Other

  • [Price Books] Price books now have Never Lower and Bottom Out at Cost disabled by default, making these settings opt-in.
  • [Templates] Fixed an issue where non-liquor customers would see Liquor License number in the default invoice templates.
  • [Reporting] We've created brand new PDF output for GT Reporting.
  • [Reporting] All Excel formatted reports in GT reporting now included a Report Metadata tab with information on original parameters.

GT POS 4.7.9 - 4.7.10

🎉 New

  • [4.7] Clover payment support.

🔧 Fix

  • [4.7] Fixed an issue where the Quick Add menu screen would not stay open after scrolling when a large number of quick add buttons are in use.
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