What is the difference between connected quantity buffer and web quantity override?



When using GlobalTill with GT Commerce or external services like Shopify, menu boards or web portals, the Web Quantity Override and Connected Quantity Buffer fields can be used as a tool to modify the inventory levels displayed.

What is the difference between Web Quantity Override and Connected Quantity Buffer?


Web Quantity Override

Web Quantity Override ignores your current inventory and sets the specified quantity as the value entered here. Inventory is deducted from this number after each applicable transaction until it reaches 0, at which point, the web quantity override value must be reset.

This field is found on the Web Data tab. To access, look up the product, select the Web Data tab, select Edit Web Data and select the Advanced tab.

In the example below, this product will count down from an original quantity of 10. 


Connected Quantity Buffer

Connected Quantity Buffer buffers the inventory by this quantity to ensure walk in retail operations will not affect other channels.

This field is applied to product categories, and is found on the category settings screen.  To access, select Product Management, select Category Manager, then select the Name of Category to which you would like to apply the inventory buffer.

In the example below, inventory for all products in the product category Widgets will be buffered by 10 units. If there are 15 units actually in stock, the inventory quantity displayed will be 5 units.


More Information

For more information, see the articles How to edit a product's web data or How to create or edit a category.

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