How to use advanced fill with weeks of supply

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How do I use advanced fill with the weeks of supply?

Follow these steps

Weeks of Supply analyzes your available inventory along with each product's sales history and determines how much you will need to meet the entered weeks of supply (calculated using the weekly average for the specified number of weeks) if your sales were to remain consistent.  

  1. Select Purchasing > Purchase Orders.
  2. Select Actions > New PO.
  3. Enter the Supplier, Date, Date Expected, Supplier Reference Number, and any Notes.
  4. Select Submit.
  5. Select Actions > Advanced Fill.

  6. Choose Fill Type: Weeks of Supply.
  7. Enter the Weeks of Supply or how many weeks of supply you want on hand.
  8. Enter the Average Based on Weeks or number of weeks you want to use to base the calculation on.

  9. The number of weeks you base the calculation on is circumstantial. For example, during this time of Coronavirus crisis, a store might have noticed an unusual uptick in sales as shoppers stocked up on suppliers, so it might be better to change the average 4 weeks supply to 8 or 12 weeks to get a more realistic average of weeks of supply.
  10. Decide whether to  Ignore Wholesale or purchases from the wholesale customer when calculating weeks of supply.
  11. Decide whether to Count Open Supplier Invoices or (unposted) supplier invoices when calculating the available inventory.
  12. Decide whether to Count Unopen Purchase Orders or open purchase orders when calculating the available inventory.
  13. You can choose a specific category to fill by selecting - Only fill the PO with products from this category. 
  14. You can choose a specific subcategory to fill by selecting - Only fill the PO with products from this Subcategory. 
  15. Select Submit to generate the PO.

  Heads up

You can select Do Not Reorder on any product you do not want to reorder. This can be useful if you are reordering by Weeks of Supply and you have a specific product you are trying to deplete and you just want to make sure when you are generating POs that the product does not get ordered by mistake. Remember to download your PO Artifact File if you are unsure about the calculations! You can even do this before you submit the PO to your vendor. For more information, see the article What is the PO artifact file.

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