How to add or edit a product image

  Before you start

Images are added via the Web Data tab. Make sure a product has web status enabled before you start.

How To

How do I attach images to products in GlobalTill?

Follow these steps

Images are often uploaded to GlobalTill in bulk using Admin Ops or the Web Data Import, but knowing how to access images in the UI is useful when you need make a change to a single product. To add or update an image on a single product, follow these steps.

  1. Select Products > List and open the product you wish to edit.
  2. On the Web Data tab, select Edit Web Data.
  3. Under Main Image, select Choose File to upload your main image. Upload a second image under Second Image. Select Submit.
  4. Images appear instantly on the Web Data and Images tabs in the GT Backend, and near instantly in GT Commerce. Images appear in integrations and at the POS after the next data sync.

More Information

For more information, see the article How to enable web product status

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