How to convert a purchase order to a supplier invoice

  Heads up

Any line items on the purchase order with a store or supplier quantity of 0 won't be reflected on supplier invoice upon conversion.

How To

How do I convert a purchase order to a supplier invoice?

Follow these steps

  1. Select Purchasing > Purchase Orders.
  2. Select the PO you wish to convert to a supplier invoice.
  3. Select Actions > Convert to Supplier Invoice. Confirm the supplier reference number and select Submit.
  4. You will be taken to the Supplier Invoice Edit screen where you can make any changes necessary so the original PO matches the invoice received from the supplier. For example, if you created a PO a few weeks in advanced and the unit costs have changed since ordering, double click on the cost field to update it to match the new cost on the invoice provided by the supplier.
  5. Selection Actions > Go Back to Invoice to return to the invoice screen.
  6. Optional: Select Actions > Post & Receive to post and receive the invoice.

More Information

For more information, see the article What is the difference between quick post and post & receive.

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