How are payments received in WooCommerce captured in GlobalTill?


How are payments received in WooCommerce captured in GlobalTill? 


When GlobalTill pulls an order from WooCommerce, it matches the WooCommerce payment method on the order against the existing payment methods in your GlobalTill store.

  • If you have a payment method in the GT Backend that is named exactly the same as the payment method in WooCommerce, the payment will be recorded automatically in GlobalTill.
  • If there is no matching payment method, the order will be imported, but the payment will not be recorded in GlobalTill. The order will include a note stating that the payment could not be found.
  • When a payment method cannot be found, record the payment manually by taking a deposit on the customer order in the GT Backend.

More Information

For more information, see the article How to receive a deposit on a customer order.

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