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Brewers Distributor Ltd., or BDL, is one of the primary beer suppliers for retail liquor stores, bars, and restaurants across Western Canada.

The BDL website,, offers a web-based portal where you can review product information, product availability, and place orders online. When you place an order through the BDL website, you will also receive order confirmations and invoices.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the difference between Brewers Distributors Ltd., The Beer Store, and Brewers Retail Inc.?
    Brewers Retail Inc., which does business as "The Beer Store" is most commonly known in Ontario for its retail stores. Brewers Distributor Ltd. is an affiliated company, and handles the BDL contact center (when you phone or email).

If you're experiencing problems with the BDL website, or have BDL related questions, their contact information is located on their website, linked here.

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