Can I re-pull an updated order into GT if it's already in the customer orders list?



I've made changes to an order on the WooCommerce side after it was already pulled into the GT customer orders list. Can I re-import the updated order?


Yes. You can re-pull an updated order into GlobalTill by removing the additional reference field from the original order that will no longer be used.

Open the customer order and select Actions > Remove Addl Reference.


You may now manually re-pull the updated order back into GlobalTill by selecting Actions > Pull Order from WooCommerce from the customer order list. See this article for detailed steps, What should I do if a specific WooCommerce order is not coming through to the GT Backend?.

  Heads up

As a best practice, we recommend deleting the original customer order (Actions > Delete Entire Order) before re-pulling in the adjusted order. This will keep your environment cleaner.

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