How do I resolve the error message: This count is too large to load?



I'm getting the following error message when attempting to perform a full inventory count, "This count is too large to load. To perform a Full Count, create a Cycle Count first and convert it to a Full Count." What should I do?


This error message is displayed when a count exceeds 50,000 items. Full Counts in GlobalTill are not recommended with large product databases, as they may time out or count sheets may fail to generate.

As a work around, we recommend performing a Cycle Count of all items in your store and then converting it to a Full Count. This will allow you to count all physical products in your store and zero out the remaining inventory for items that are not carried or are no longer in stock.

For a step by step guide on converting a Cycle Count to a Full Count, see the article How to convert a cycle count to a full count.

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