What is the difference between a barcode and a compliance code

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The barcode referenced in select regulatory compliance reporting is called the Compliance Code and is a separate data point from the barcodes listed on the Barcodes tab. 

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What is the difference between the Barcode and the Compliance Code in GlobalTill?

The barcode and the compliance code can sometimes refer to the same UPC but there are some key differences in how the fields are referenced by GlobalTill.

The Barcode

  • Located on the Barcodes tab on a product's details page
  • The UPC data point for processing transactions at POS or purchasing/receiving product in the GT Backend
  • Can have multiple entries. Barcodes may vary by supplier, case pack quantity and change over time
  • Not referenced in GlobalTill's automated cannabis reporting

The Compliance Code

  • The UPC data point referenced in GlobalTill's automated cannabis reporting
  • There can only be one Compliance Code per product per supplier
  • Located on the Supplier Info tab in the main environment for multi-store users
  • Located on the Other tab for single store users

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