Why does a product scan in as "not found" at the POS?



When I scan a product's barcode at the POS, GlobalTill says the product is not found. The product exists in the GT Backend. When I manually search for the product on the POS, it shows up in my available list. What could be causing this?


When you scan a product at the POS, and it comes back as product not found but the product is searchable in your database, the most common cause is a missing or incorrect barcode attached to the product in your database.

We recommend logging into the GT Backend and confirming the barcode for the product you are scanning matches what is on the product packaging. For products like pop, try removing the first and last digit of the barcode.

If the product is new or was recently modified, try reloading the products on your POS. It's possible that the new product data hasn't been synced yet.

More Information

For more information, see the articles How to add or edit a barcode or How to reload products.

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