How to create a label for sale prices in visual template editor

  Before you start

Set up your standard label template before before adding the promotional pricing container. See the article How to create a label in visual template editor.

How To

How do I create a label with promotional pricing in the visual template editor?

Follow these steps

Use containers and the promotional_price data field to create a label with a product's promotional attributes. To add promotional price attributes to a label, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced > Template Manager and open the label you'd like to update with promotional pricing. 
  2. Select the container icon from the left hand side bar, resize it and drag it into your label. 
  3. Ensure your container is selected. Under Properties, select the Data field field to open the dropdown menu.
  4. Select promotional_prices.
  5. Select Advanced Settings.
  6. Under Filter by select sale_name, then select is, then enter the exact name of the sale. Select Apply.

      Heads up

    If you don't know the sale name, copy and paste it from the sale listing under Products > Promotions > Sale Management.

  7. Select the text icon from the left hand side bar, resize it and drag it into the promotional_prices container that you just added to your label.
  8. Select Insert Data Field.
  9. Select promotional_price, then select Insert Data Field.
  10. Select the Formatting tab, then enter a dollar sign before {promotional_price}.
  11. Repeat as necessary to add more promotions variables to your label. Below, I'll add an additional text box to my promotions container, with the savings header to add the customer's savings amount to my label.

  12. When you're finished setting up your label, select File > Save and return to the template listing.
  13. Select Actions > Refresh Visual Templates.
  14. To print labels, go to Products > Promotions > Sale Management and select the sale for which you wish to print labels.
  15. Select Print Labels, then select all labels or only labels with inventory on hand.
  16. Select the label template you just refreshed from the dropdown menu and enter the quantity of each label you'd like to print. Select Submit to be taken to the download screen.
  17. Click the blue button to download your labels. Save a copy or print labels using the icons in the top right corner.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why isn't there a promo price in my example template? Why are the promo data fields missing?
    The visual editor uses sample data from the last product that was added or edited. If that product isn't on sale, a promo price won't display. Update your example product in the visual editor by making an edit to any product that's on sale to so it becomes the last edited product and is referenced in the visual editor:
    • Select Products > List. Open a product currently on sale.
    • Select Actions > Edit Product. Select Submit.

    Return to the visual editor and the edited product will be the example.

  2. Do I have to make an entirely new label for promotions?
    No. If you don't want to create a new label specifically for promotions, we recommend updating a current template that you like. To preserve your original label, make a copy of it to use for promotions by selecting File > Make a Copy.

    Remember to update the template type from unclassified to label template so it appears in your promotions dropdown window.
  3. Why doesn't my new promotions template show up in my dropdown?
    Your template may not be classified as a label template, or your templates may need to be refreshed. Try the following.
    • Updated the template type from unclassified to label template. Locate the template in the listing, if there is a U beside it, click on it and update the template type to label template.
    • Refresh your templates. From the template listing select Actions > Refresh Visual Templates.
  4. Why are there additional values under each sale price in my label?
    Promotional prices is list data field and must be filtered, or all values in the list will be added to your template. If there's additional values in your label under any of the promotional fields, make sure you've applied a filter. See steps 5 and 6.
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