Why is the checkout button greyed out when trying to process a parked order?



Why is the Checkout button on the POS greyed out when trying to process a parked transaction?



If the Checkout button is greyed out on the POS when processing a parked order, but turns green after you have entered or scanned the unit quantities for each line item, it is likely that the Scan Out Invoice setting is enabled on the POS station.

Scan Out Invoice is an option that tells GlobalTill to keep the checkout button disabled on the POS until all items are scanned. This is used as an operational control to verify the products in the actual transaction match what is in the parked order. 

To access the Checkout button when Scan Out Invoice is enabled, simply select Product Check from the POS buttons, then scan each physical product so GlobalTill can confirm the physical goods being sold match what was entered on the parked order.


More Information

For more information, see the articles How to process a parked order at the POS when scan out invoice is enabled and How to enable scan out invoice.

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