How customers place orders through the customer ordering portal

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How do customers place orders through the customer ordering portal?

Follow these steps

For information on how to set up a customer to access the online ordering portal, see the support article How to add a new user to the customer ordering portal.

Once a customer logs into the ordering portal, they will be taken to the home screen where they are reminded of their ordering day and cut off time.  (This information is pulled from their profile you created located on the backend at Customer > List.)

  1. The customer will select Create New Order List.
  2. The customer gives the list a descriptive Name and selects Submit.
  3. The customer will Add New Item by clicking in the Product field. 
  4. Once the customer chooses the products, they will select the HOME button (at the top) to take them back to their order lists.
  5. From here they can Edit List, Print Order Sheet (to use to take stock and determine what to order), or Place an Order.
  6. If the customer selects Place an Order they can see the status of product availability (when known) and can edit the Quantity before submitting the order. Available Now means it is physically in your store and you have some available to sell to them Available to Order means it is available for you to order at your supplier. Unknown means status is not determined because GlobalTill is not connected to the supplier's database
  7. Customers can add Notes to the order.
  8. They can also Order An Item Not on Your List, which allows them to add one-off items that will not be permanently added to their order list.
  9. They are given an estimated total with and without tax and deposit.
  10. Once the order is placed by your customer, it will appear in GlobalTill backend under Selling > Customer Orders.
  11. From here,  It will appear in red, alerting you to the fact that it has been received, but not read.
  12. Customers can also view and/or print all invoices by clicking on My Account at the top navigation area.

More Information

For more information, see the article How to process a customer order.

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